Why Me?


 There were any number of professions in Israel in Jesus’ time, why fishermen?  In his position, I might have selected the religious leaders of the day. Given the number of Pharisees and Sadducees, I wouldn’t have had problems making a choice. What qualifications did they have? Listen to Jesus, ‘I will make you fishers of men.” A day in the life of a fisherman is a parallel to the rigors of soul-winning. Your average fisherman will board a boat first thing in morning and spend the day fishing. Late afternoon, drawing in the fish. And the evening, cleaning the nets.  

How about Paul? A skilled tentmaker, who transferred his physical talents to the spiritual challenges of church planting and building, as he went about on his missionary journeys. 

Why did Philip have that extra-ordinary encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch? Well, the man became the fore-runner of African Christians. Ever heard of Coptic Christians? The world may have made him physically sterile, but God intended that he be spiritually prolific! 

Why, Timothy, could it be that as he was a young man called to lead a church consisting of people much older than him he had the example of his mother, Eunice and grandmother, Lois to guide him. In a sense then, Eunice and Lois found faith in order to prepare Timothy for ministry. 

Why was Ananias saved and stationed in Damascus? Just so he could be an instrument in Paul’s conversion. 

How about Onesiphorus (never mind its not a chemical compound, but someone’s name, he probably found in-roads to spread the gospel among slaves once he had been returned to his master Philemon, after being converted by Paul.In the book of Romans Paul gives a rigorous legal exposition of our new nature as born again Christians. It is an eye-opener to the significance of Jesus’ death and resurrection. And the power which it confers on the believer. You will have robbed yourself no end if you fail to study Romans.

Incidentally,  Paul’s training in the law gave him the grounding to produce this. It could not have been done by an engineer, for instance.Peter laid the ground-work for the early Church. His tenacity and persistence as a fisherman enabled him reach out to fellow Jews. However it took Paul’s legal understanding of Jesus ministry to break forth into the world as it were by reaching out to the Gentiles. In a sense you and I owe our knowledge of salvation to the ministry of Paul. Left to Peter, we might not be here. 

There is someone out there, whom only you, dear reader can reach. Will you do your duty or allow them roast in hell? One day you will stand before God and give account for their soul.