When Problems refuse to go!

As a Christian, when you have prayed, fasted and gone through deliverance and certain problems still don-t go, it is usually because the enemy still has a stronghold or legal ground that he is holding onto to attack you and keep you in bondage. When your problems are not yielding to aggressive prayers, the next thing you should do is carry out a thorough examination of your life and family history.
Many legal grounds are often cleverly disguised in the lives of people. Deliverance does not only involve prayers and fasting, it also involves a spiritual check up of your life to make sure the enemy has no access or open door. The problems you drive out by prayers will come back to check the state of your life and once they find an open door, they come back in with a greater force.
A legal ground is anything that can give demons the right or opportunity to enter, harass and remain in you. Common legal grounds that open the way for demons to enter a person-s life include unconfessed or unacknowledged sins, unbroken soul ties, anger, lust, masturbation, unforgiveness and bitterness, ancestral sins, curses, cursed objects, unholy or demonic vows, blood covenants, sexual covenants, pornography, pride, slander, gossip, incest, parental mistakes, stolen properties etc…
2 Cor 10:4, “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds.”
Are you battling stubborn problems that refuse to yield to prayers? Ask the Lord to bring to your remembrance any legal ground you have given to the enemy, write them down, take them one by one and deal with them. (Through repentance, restitution and renunciation.) Let go of anyone in your heart that you have vowed never to forgive and every secret grudge. Burn or destroy any cursed objects that might be in your possession, return any stolen items you might have taken from anyone, break every curse or vow you might have spoken with the blood of Jesus and confess the sins of your ancestors.
Now use your authority to bind and cast out the evil powers behind
Your problems and they will obey. Meditate on and immerse yourself in the word of God and all Strongholds will crumble.