What on earth am I here for?

From a the few years of working for the Lord and meeting with different people including born again Christians, I have come to discover that many actually have no clue why they are here on earth.

This is the most important question you can ask yourself, because living without a purpose on earth is a great waste. If you do not know the purpose for which you were born, you would end up wasting your talents, money, time and life chasing after shadows.

As a child of God you must know the following:

1. God has a good plan for your life. Jer.29:11

2. You are not an accident.(your parents may not have planned for you but God did)

3. True joy and fulfillment only comes from your being in the perfect will of God for your life.

4. There is a reason for which you exist.(God had a purpose in mind when he created you)

 If you are 30 years old, can you account for the 10,950 days you have spent on earth. If you are 50, you have spent 18,250 days on earth. How much of that time have you spent fulfilling your life s purpose?

I encourage you to take time praying to discover what it is you are meant to be doing on earth. As you do so the Lord will unfold His wonderful plan for your life to you. This will simplify and give

meaning to your life. This knowledge will also give you a focus, will motivate you and most importantly prepare you for eternity.

So please do not waste anymore precious time, seek the face of God concerning you life and He will speak to you.

Pray the following prayers:

1. O Lord reveal the purpose for which I was born.

2. Any veil of darkness covering my spiritual eyes, be destroyed in Jesus name.

3. Lord Jesus recover my life from satanic diversion.

4. O Lord shine your light upon my path.

5. Any power that wants to waste my life, be wasted in Jesus name.

God bless you as you seek Him. And I pray that when we get to heaven we would look back at our lives and thank God that we walked in his perfect will.