Unique Characteristics of Children

Isaac prayed fervently when the babies were struggling in Rebecca`s womb and at that time received revelation from God. However, it seems he failed to pray after they were born as the differences became evident and the struggle intensified.

Esau and Jacob were two brothers raised in the same home with different characteristics. Those differences became a source of personal favouritism that only created greater problems in the home and caused the struggle to be intensified.

Cain was a keeper of sheep while Abel was a tiller of the ground (Gen 4:2). Solomon was very wise while Absalom was the opposite (2 Sam)

Mary and Martha were sisters yet they had different personalities; they also had a unique relationship with the Lord (Lk 10:38 – 42, Jn 11:20 – 44).

Wise parents do not compare one child to another. Children are individuals, each with strengths and weaknesses. They find security in being loved and accepted.
Parents should respect a child`s right to express himself, being courteous and considerate of his feelings. This is living the golden rule of Matthew 7:12.

Each child should be given praise and recognition in inclusive, not exclusive ways (Prov 25:11). A parent should build on a child`s strengths, allowing for differences (Prov 24:3). A child should be encouraged and accepted for whom he/she is and not for what gain parents can get out of them. Comparison must be avoided (2 Cor 10:12).

As a parent it is important that you talk to your child about what makes them unique and encourage them to develop their own personal styles. When children know that parents appreciate their uniqueness it will enhance their self-esteem and self-confidence. The same environment does not mean that each child will respond in the same way.

The uniqueness of a child starts from his/her name. Talk to your child about the reason why he/she has that name and what the name actually means. This will make them proud of whom they are and will raise their self-esteem. Show interest in their talents/gifts and let them know how privileged you are to be their parent.

How would you feel as an adult, if some one compares you to another and puts you down? Please accept children for who they are, they are God`s gift. Win tickets to the sold out Live Earth concert