The Woman of Virtue

And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. (Gen 2:18)The primary responsibility of a Christian woman is to be submissive unto her husband in the same way she submits to the Lord. Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the. Lord. (Eph 5:22) Submission implies surrender, service, sacrifice, obedience and selflessness.
Biblical submission is not for just those times you actually agree with your
husband, when you feel like it or when he has just shown you what you
believe is Christ-like love. The Lord commands wives to be subject to their husbands in everything! Subjection is not a loss individuality or personality, neither is it a demeaning slavery state. It is showing your husband you respect him, admire him and depend on him. This requires the death of all pride and selfish motives.
God has made the husband the head of the home even as Christ is the head of the Church. As he is the head, he is also the leader. A leader must have respect and recognition, and that is what God expects a wife to provide. A wife must deeply respect her husband and let him take the leadership position God has given him, while treating him as a leader should be treated.
Any indirect leadership role you assume in the home, any dominating or manipulative strategies you use on your husband however cleverly disguised, are all against God`s plan and purpose for your marriage and happiness. You are in doing this, disobeying God`s command.
Even if you think you are smarter than your husband, obey God`s command and leave the consequences to the Lord. Try submitting to him as unto the Lord and watch God use your attitude to make him the man God wants him to be. A wife`s submission to her husband should be modelled after the submission of the Church to Christ.
Even if your husband is not a believer, God will use your attitude of tender and loving submission to win him to Christ.
Spend your strength loving your husband and helping him to do the will of God. Tell him that you think he is the greatest and the best and that you thank God for having him to depend on. Whatever you do, NEVER compare your husband to anyone else, not even your father or his. Become the proverbs 31 woman. God bless you