The Boomerang

I am talking about the divine law of giving. “One man gives freely, yet gains even more; another withholds unduly, but comes to poverty Prov11:24.”This is one law that baffles me. It is probably one of the most bizarre and debatable laws there is, but guess what? It works. Every time. For every body.

To the rational mind, when you give, you are meant to be at a loss. But, that’s not how it works with God.

Jesus challenges us in Luke 6 v28: to, “Give, and it will be given to you: *good* *measure*, *pressed* *down*, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same *measure* that you use, it will be *measured back to you.”

A friend of mine likes to explain this passage thus: if you give, the Lord will take what you have given. Jiggle it to the left and right, add a few spices and sugar, process it, increase it and finally POUR it back into your lap. I say: Interesting.

Jesus adds this: ” with the same measure you use, it will be used back to you”.

I call that; the boomerang. What is a boomerang? Well, its just a curved piece of wood that is sometimes used as a weapon and for sport. The amazing thing about the boomerang is that, it always returns to its point of origin.No matter how far it is thrown.

Are you the one, whom, after much pondering, squeezes your face and twists the one pound coin in your hand for several agonizing minutes before you reluctantly release it into the offering basket; So much so that your amused neighbour notices? Beware. You may just be squeezing your blessings the same way. It may come back to you, just as you have given: reluctantly and

Have you wondered how easy it is to go shopping and treat yourself to goodies, but when it comes to giving, either to God or to anyone, your heart constricts and your breath falters for fear of releasing what “you” have “worked” hard for?

If God can take his time to explain to you how this works, I bet you will never be reluctant to give again. It is sad though, that it is non-believers that actually utilize this law to their best advantage.

Giving for you should go way beyond your tithes and offerings. Yes, that in itself is great, well done.

But, You can do better.

Challenge yourself. Join a charity or two. Sieve through your old clothes and take some to the local charity. I don’t mean the old smelly and torn clothes that need to be burnt. I mean, some okay looking clothes.

Does your God turn your gaze each Sunday at woman you see in church who always looks so sad? Do you avoid her like the plague, for fear of catching her ‘sadness’? Or have you ever asked her what is wrong, or offered to help her out in the way you can?

Giving is not just about money you know?

You can give your time to God and his people.

You can give a smile.  You probably have some newcomers in the church. Give them a warm smile and a handshake and make them always want to come back.  And no, you won’t catch swine flu.

What about that juicy seat on the train, the one you pushed your way into grabbing  after you had a long and tiring day at work? Can you can let that go for the heavily pregnant woman, or the elderly lady?

Remember the boomerang?

Everything you do is seen by God and he will reward you accordingly.

You don’t have to wait till God blesses you before you give.

Make up your mind today.

Just give.