Powerful Daily Confessions fro Total Daily Victory

God deliver me from the hands of evil men and women and their mischievous schemes, in the name of Jesus. I see my enemies swallowed up in shame and dishonor. God is at war with those who are contending against me. Horrible and terrible things are happening to my enemies right now, in the name of Jesus. My enemies have become like chaff of the wind, they are turning away in confusion.

The Angel of the Lord is waging war on my enemies; the Angel of God has drawn out his spear to contend against all my enemies. 1 see my enemies divinely executed! Those who have fought against me without a cause and those who have dug a pit for me without a cause shall enter into their pit and be buried there, in Jesus name. I see double destruction coming on my enemies right now! I see my enemies falling into their own snares. The mischiefs of my enemies are falling upon their own heads right now, in Jesus name. I see my enemies entering into their own great tribulation right now, in the name of Jesus.

God has filled my mouth with shouts of Joy. God has filled my heart with rejoicing! The name of the Lord is my refuge and I shall not fear, in Jesus name. I wash myself in the blood of Jesus to remove all repulsive marks, spells, odours, symbols or tags of the enemy over my life in the name of Jesus. Let there be a complete removal of all evil covenants and curses upon my life by the work of atonement on the cross of Calvary, in Jesus name.

I bring down walls of evil resistance in my life and circumstance, in the name of Jesus! I paralyze invented plans and decisions that are taken against me daily. I refuse to enter a coffin before my time and I cancel the dreams that put me in a coffin in the name of Jesus.

 I cause a divine abortion of every plot and invention that is set against me. I confound and confuse every form of invented logic that is contrary to my life and destiny. I see the blood of JESUS destroying the wisdom and plans of my enemies. I terminate every satanic agenda and prediction that is against my life, in the name of JESUS.

I overrule and overthrow the power of persistent and perpetual problems, failure at the edge of breakthroughs, unexpected and unexplainable death in my family, in name of JESUS.

I go out and come back in peace. Evil shall not come near me and my home this month, in the name of JESUS. Every enemy that rises against me this month shall fall for my sake, in the name of JESUS. Because of the spirit, the water and the Blood I predict absolute victory in every situation of my life this month. THE BLOOD OF JESUS MINISTERS PEACE TO ME BUT DESTUCTION TO MY ENEMIES.