How many more?

And, that his death and resurrection, empowers anyone who believes to live a new life completely devoid of sin.I believe it is reflective of God’s majesty that there can be so many different flavours of Christians, but with this one single branding. You will hardly ever get two Christians, with exactly the same understanding or beliefs about the Bible, (which in a sense is a powerful statement, because it means we must spend quality time mining the Bible to identify and understand what we believe).

This often manifests itself in marriage counselling where both parties are asked to sit down and make sure there is agreement in at least the basic principles (divine health, finances, tithing, love, fidelity).If we are all united in our beliefs about the basics as seen in paragraph one, why then do you continue in sin?

This article grew out of a meditation on a single banner headline in my mind: “How many sermons do you need to sort out yourself? It is tiring to say the least, the idea that we still find it comfortable to live in sin. We wear the badge of a Christian yet do not live like one. Lust, pride, envy, greed, anger, laziness, bitterness, and fornication, still feature prominently in our lives. Exactly how we expect to keep our deliverance when we keep returning to the bus stop of sin is a mystery to me.

Jesus said to the man that was healed, go and sin no more or else something worse…..Is this then the reward we give to a King who left his throne to live amongst his subjects? That last line does no justice to what Jesus did, yet I am limited by medium of expression, I leave it to the Holy Spirit to explode the full understanding into your heart. Or is this what we give back for the chance to live a victorious life on earth. If Christ does not translate into a choice to lead a sin-free life, I challenge you, what are you doing sitting here in church this morning? Why did you get out of bed? You could have afforded yourself a lie-in.

If you believe you need to be in church to meet, not me, or anybody else but your saviour, then you must junk your baggage of sin. Things simply cannot continue as they are.I feel sad when people pray the kind of prayers we pray here, yet dabble in sin. In a sense it is living dangerously, a literal invitation to spiritual attack. For the prayer warrior must rid himself of every legal ground for the enemies attack. That last line can be easily understood as: Prayer warrior equals sin-free life.

The enemy loves open doors; sin is a master key for the entrance of the enemy into any life. No wonder the Bible renders it aptly; whosoever breaks the edge the serpent will bite.Proverbs describes stolen bread as turning into gravel in the mouth. Sin will always leave you with a sore taste in the mouth; its tastiness is never lasting. I fear though that some have spent so long at the bus stop of sin that they can’t even remember what it was like to be free. I mention freedom. Whosoever you are obedient to is your master. If sin plays even a tiny part in your life, then you are slave to it. Jesus offers freedom.  Take it!