History of Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries

He did not stop there he went on to do his PhD, which is a Doctor of Philosophy. To get a Phd you have to work very hard and do a lot of research, that is exactly what Daniel did.Immediately he got his PhD he was able to use the title DR because it is the same as a Doctorate degree. That is why his name is Dr. Daniel Olukoya.

God called him to start the church, in 1989 he gathered 25 people together and they started. Dr Daniel Kolawole Olukoya is the General Overseer of MFM. Today MFM is in so many countries all over the world.

MFM is a gospel church that believes in people being saved by grace through Jesus. It believes in miracles and signs such as were performed in the bible days. It also believes in holiness within and without, which means that your outward appearance is very important to God, also the thoughts that go on in your mind. MFM has 25 different ministries and one of them is the ministry to Glorious children and you are one of those Glorious children.