To Jesus the Resurrection and Life

Upon us all The force of gravity pulls
The pull can be sudden as well as gradual
Yet It haunts all that upon the earth are
It can be resisted but not forever

Until one dark and gloomy day
It`s next victim falls down to the ground
Rendered good for naught but dust
And joins the endless cycle of nature

As powerful as the force may seem
It is limited to this world alone
Upon the soul it has no hold
As it travels upward
To the One who fashioned and gave it.

Though the worms of the earth destroy the body
Yet shall the soul be escaped
With a velocity unknown to science
Pulled upwards by a stronger
To a world that obeys not the law of gravity
And knows not the authority of death

Copyright ©2007 Adebanjo Temitope Oluwadare
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