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A selection of inspiring articles to help you grow spiritually in the Christian faith.

The God of new beginning

The God of new beginning

My friend, Kwame stopped me in the hallway the other day; from the way he tugged at my shirt I could tell he had a lot on his mind. “It’s Ndlovu”, he said, without my having to prompt him, “he’s gone missing!” Those three words told me all I needed to know and why he was in such distress. Ndlovu was Kwame’s childhood friend. They had been raised on the same council estate in East London. But that was about all they had in common, apart from their friendship of course. You see Ndlovu was gifted, no that is putting it mildly; he was a child prodigy. From the day he set his long tapered fingers on the ivory white keys of the grand piano in the school hall; you could tell this one was set apart for greatness.

A Song of Testing

“Abraham’s blessings are mine…I am blessed in the morning, noon and evening”, often declared with a wide range of voices and vigorous thumping of hand claps has to be the most popular song today. 

Unlocking Grace

Grace. Another word we throw about with little thought to its meaning. Grace comes from the Latin gratia which loosely translates into English as “free”. However, we often overlook the fact that although to us something may be free, someone has already paid a price for it. This understanding must remain in mind as we continue, it is one to which I will return again.

The Boomerang

God’s principles work; end of story.

I marvel that even in the lives of people you would not put down as believers; you see Bible principles working.

Is Grace Enough?

What would be your first thought if the Holy Spirit opened your eyes and you found the handsome looking, well built young man sat next to you with the well thumbed Bible was a male prostitute? Would you immediately  pick up your bag and Bible, nudge past the ushers and find yourself another seat? Years and years and years ago, a holy man appeared on the scene. Curious to engage with him and have a bit of his influence rub off – “you know who I had dinner with last night?” – another religious leader invited the holy man to his home […]

Testing: Gravel on Destiny’s Path

I can guarantee that you would be out of my counselling room in a thrice, if having listened to a detailed explanation of the difficult challenges you have been undergoing, I take a deep breath and declare “You know you ought to be rejoicing and jubilant that God has allowed this, in fact you should be celebrating” Yet this is what James tells us. He says when we face trials and temptation we should consider it great joy that we have been short-listed for such treatment. James 1:2. A trial may be understood as any experience we undergo which is […]

Hidden Treasure

  Ever before Mary had Jesus, she had been subject to a certain amount of agony. Imagine how she felt when she found herself pregnant, while still unmarried. Think about it, if, in this day and age, there is stigma associated with extra-marital pregnancy, I cannot begin to fathom how bad it was back then. I am sure that Mary often asked herself if she really heard from God or whether the angel had his own agenda? And what would become of her and her pregnancy?  Joseph, Mary’s husband to be, was mystified!  He hadn’t touched her, yet she was […]