Welcome to MFM Edmonton Youth Ministry. The Youth Ministry is a dynamic spirit filled Ministry where by we take spiritual pride to emphasize that our aim is to ensure that the youths lay the foundation of their lives aligned with the Word of God.
In so doing, we focus on Prayer, Praise and Worship, the Word of God, Video and discussion, Open and Interactive Bible study as well as various special exciting Youth Activities and Programmes. We believe that it is crucial that the Youths discover their God’s given destiny so they can affect their communities positively.

Hurray I’m 16!

Betty could not wait to clock 16; since she turned 15 she had been counting months and days until the day eventually came. She had a big birthday party and invited all her friends to have a nice time, after the party she was asked to give a speech.

Are you one of the Mary’s?

Have you heard some people being called holy Mary? I am sure your answer is yes, may be you are even one of those who are called by that name. On the other hand you might even be the one calling people holy Mary and making fun of them. What ever the case God is highly interested in every Mary. Have you ever taken time out to think about who Mary was, surely she was the mother of Jesus but she still had other qualities in her life which you can learn from.